Island Jewells design is made using the most sophisticated software, dedicated to 3D design, combined with decades of experience of our engineers on the high-end jewelry field.



Once design phase is over, the jewel comes to life initially through the 3D printing process, during which is realized in a special resin type to be sent to the foundry for the casting of the hot metal in the liquid state.



During this step, the jewel gets handmade by a goldsmith taking care of polishing and imperfections as well as of the embedding (always by hand) process of the stones on it.



The final step consists to assembling the jewel, composed of: central part, leather bracelet and gold / silver clasps.



Fundamental element of the uniqueness of the "Gioielli dell’Isola", is doubtless the amazing handmade wooden chest with color trim in cold ceramic. The attention to detail is further highlighted in the inner part of the chest, where it is positioned and glued some marble grain with typical elements of the beaches and seabed (seashells, small sea star), to bring observer imagination to his own ideal " dream island ".