About Us

“Gioielli dell’Isola” (Island Jewels) is a collection of bracelets in gold and silver designed and realized by AdamaxGroup, in order to create an exclusive and “Made in Italy” product which promotes and represents the beauty and charm of the most wonderful and well-known islands in Italy and all over the World.

An island it’s not only an "amenus locus", a place with beautiful landscapes, silvery beaches and crystal clear sea, but a far more spiritual and deep concept, which bond us with special feelings and memories: from childhood, to family vacations, friendships, loves, all those feelings broken by magic from the frustrations of everyday daily life ... in short, if we close our eyes and think of an "island", we almost surely relax and smile!

Beyond this emotional and "geographical” evocation, it is added a meticulous handicraft of Italian goldsmiths, whom treat the product from start to finish: in fact, each bracelet is completely processed, finished off and framed by hand; even the wooden chest which enclose the jewels are painted and processed in detail as only an artist who dedicates his life to his job can do.

This set of emotions and skills gives rise to a unique, simple and modern product of value, since the use of only precious metals (gold and silver), and precious stones (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, blacks diamonds, white diamonds); bracelet’s core, with the island perfectly carved in it, it’s joined by an Italian leather cord with two clasps, also made of gold or silver.

In addition to the seven best-known Italian islands (Sardinia, Sicily, Elba, Capri, Ischia, Ponza, Panarea) are an integral part of the collection also islands of the European and world wide scene (Tenerife, Ibiza, Malta), with the opportunity for each customer to order their own "custom" island, simply by choosing it from "customize your island" on the menu selection, or contact us via e-mail; Furthermore you can also customize your precious stones by choosing type of bracelet, color and composition!

“In the ocean of life, the jewels appear like islands”